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Gloomy and Tired!

Well today has started and its been a gloomy one. Last night I couldnt sleep because of the thunder, lighting, and rain it was a lot. Then nana was up most of the night talking and playing I couldn't no more. But eventually she fell asleep and I did too. Just I feel today it be thurs of friday so my love can be at home and be all together. But no its tues not even close. I hope today will pass fast so he can be with us both. Nana is growing and this week she will have been 4 months I cant believe it. All those hardship and sufferings we had to endure she is home with us. I thank God for everyday she is in good health kicking and screaming, just being a really bueatifull baby. We are really Blessed. We will she how this day goes and I will come back to talk for a bit longer. Take care bye bye

Becky Gro. M.


Well today was a really good day spent with the family. We went to Matamoros, I hadn't gone since about 3 yrs ago. Well we went to celebrate my Godaughters 1st communion, really excited because my uncle had picked us for this honor. We went all three of us with my mom. I was really nervous but as the mass passed I felt a great peace. Then we went to my tios house and ate breakfast, really good breakfast. After that we went to a birthday party in Edinburg, a co worker of my husbank invited us. We got there really anxious because we really didn't know anyone, but at the end all three of us had much fun. It was my daughter's 1st birthday party invite, I was really excited. Now we are home and my two love are asleep together like a baby. Now just here experessing how I feel so maybe I will get a sign on what to do in my life. Hoping God guides me in the right path for my journey.

Becky G M



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